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There are multiple factors that could jeopardize the delivery of your items for a convention or meeting. Depending on the nature of your shipment, you could require special permits from local government institutions to clear your items from Customs. A regular courier will not be of much help in the event that some of your shipment gets stuck. Learn about important restrictions with the next infographic.

preview-11 shipping tips16-Packing-Tips-for-Shipping-InternationallyWhy-can-the-shipment-get-stuck-at-customsUndervalued-corporate-gifts-at-CustomsRETURNS-TO-ORIGIN-AND-EXPORTSWeddings-Parcel-ServiceTextile restrictions in MexicoDifference-between-weight-and-chargeable-weight-in-logisticsHow-does-transit-time-works Oversized Cargo:  How do you know if your  shipment has excess dimensions? Preventing Cargo DamageWhy the Customs Broker needs your Tax ID in International shipments? How-to-import-medical-devices-into-the-US ABC-OF-ATA-CARNETUSA-ATA-Carnet-GuideHow to obtain the ATA Carnet in England

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Shipping through a Courier looks like an easy option but you should know that in most countries, these Parcel Shipping companies are regulated on what they can and cannot clear from customs.

Couriers’ mode of clearance is highly restrictive, meaning that it is limited to certain items/commodities and value/weight limits.

Furthermore, each country is unique with regards to the treatment of importing commodities for meetings and events.

This means that any shipping firm can easily ship OUT of your country, but it is not guaranteed that they will be able to clear customs at the destination country and that you will have your meeting materials on time for your event...

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